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turtlespeaks ([personal profile] turtlespeaks) wrote2009-05-21 07:38 am
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Jobless again, I'm. . . . jobless again!

Okay, so the indie film collapsed under my feet, but thankfully it was not do to anything I did. So I'm jobless again.

But thankfully I'm going to an interview in the next hour that may prove to be a better gig if I get it.

Here's hoping. Cross your fingers for me folks!

Man, you all must be sick of my whining about work, perhaps next post I shall write some trek fic to amuse the masses. :)
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[personal profile] kuwdora 2009-05-21 02:46 pm (UTC)(link)
omfg good luck. call meee after.

and PLEASE tell me you've seen the Spock/Kirk vid to Poker Face. PLEASE. o_O
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And I'd rather hear something and wonder if you're on the street.