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turtlespeaks ([personal profile] turtlespeaks) wrote2010-12-30 09:19 am
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o, OMG! Hi!

I pretty much doubt that anyone is still reading this at this time. But I've decided to open up this journal again. Mostly because I've been told I need an outlet for all this pent up "BLLAAARGH!" that I tend to call around to everyone, and it's starting to annoy people. (Mostly because I have the emotional maturity of a kitten getting distracted by a ball of string, it's not pretty.)

So It's been about a year since anyone knew what I was up to. It's been a crazy year. Since Heroes wrapped sometime last ummm. . . February(?) I duuno . . . I have been on 4 different shows. The Event pilot, Tilda pilot, Outlaw, and now I am currently on The Cape. I just can't seem to stop working for NBC, which is kinda sad really when you think about it. I won't even go into what shows I've been keeping up on because my television watching is kinda ridiculous, but ironically it's all done while on the move. I watch everything online because I'm never home to watch it. So I watch an episode during a break at work, I watch one at the gym, I watch one while hanging out at other places. It all gets rather confusing.

My current obsession at the moment is Merlin, and boy am I late to that party.

That's about it. The world continues to turn for me, I look for fic, I go to work and I am hang out with my boyfriend who doesn't understand why I have to work and not hang out with him all day. At some point I will probably write one of these at work and give everyone an interesting view into how a Production Office is run, because it is NEVER how anyone thinks it does. :)

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